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Fraud Unit
Fraud Unit

The Colusa County Department of Health & Human Services and the Colusa County District Attorney’s Office has made a collaborative effort to help deter fraud, and to prosecute fraud related cases for Colusa County public assistance programs such as CalFresh, CalWorks, General Assistance, In Home Support Services (IHSS), and Medi-Cal.

The Colusa County Welfare Fraud Investigations Unit has been organized to conduct specialized investigations into matters of public assistance fraud and to assist in deterring fraud before it happens through an early fraud prevention program.

Fraud exists:

  • When a person has knowingly, and with intent to deceive or defraud, made a false statement or representation to obtain benefits, obtain a continuance or increase of benefits, or avoid a reduction of aid benefits.
  • When a person knowingly, and with intent to defraud, failed to disclose a fact which, if disclosed, could have resulted in the denial, reduction or discontinuance of benefits. Accepted benefits knowing he/she is not entitled thereto, or accepted any amount of benefits knowing it is greater than the amount to which he/she is entitled.  
  • For the purpose of obtaining, continuing, or avoiding a reduction or denial of benefits, made statements which he/she did not know to be true with reckless disregard for the truth.

If you think someone is committing fraud against one of Colusa County’s public assistance programs, it is important to let us know about it. All allegations of fraud are taken seriously and you can remain anonymous. When reporting possible fraud, please provide specific details to better assist the assigned Investigator that will look into the matter. The Welfare Fraud Unit cannot release case related information due to state and federal privacy laws.

To report CalWORKs, CalFresh, or General Assistance Fraud:

 To report In Home Support Services Fraud:


  • Call: Colusa County Public Assistance Fraud Unit Hotline: (530)458-0279

 To report Medi-Cal Fraud:

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