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Fare Information & Ticket Books

Age Category

County / Local Fares


$2.25 / $1.75 
Six years of age and older

$2.25 / $1.75

2-5 years old

$1.50 / $1.00

Under two years old


10 Ride Tickets
Colusa County Transit (CCT) offers ten ride tickets to the public:
  • Tickets do not expire and are non-refundable.
  • You may purchase either a $22.50 ten ride ticket (good for $2.25 fares) or a $17.50 ten ride ticket (good for $1.75 fares).
    • Cash is the only accepted form of payment. We do not accept personal checks.
    • Please pay with the exact amount, as we are not able to make change.

Tickets are sold at the transit office, which is located at:
715 D St.
Colusa, CA 95932  
7am to 5pm Monday - Friday

CCT is not responsible for lost, stolen, or washed ticket books.

Companion/Aid Fare
If you require a companion/aid to ride with you, the aid would also pay fare.