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Where Else Can Lead Be Found?
  • Lead can also be found in the workplace. This includes places where people work with radiators, batteries, welding or soldering, and at painting/remodeling job sites.
  • Newspapers and magazines can contain lead, especially those with colored ink.
  • Car exhaust and fumes, burning wood, burning tobacco and cigarettes, fumes from over heated Teflon or non-stick cookware, fumes from gas stovetops, some tattoo inks, kerosene heaters, asbestos and children's sand made from stone or marble can all contain lead.
  • Some hobby equipment like fishing sinkers, bullets and stained glass can contain lead.
  • Finally, lead can also be found in home remedies (bright orange, yellow or white powders) like Greta, Azarcon, Paylooah or Liga; make up like Kohl and Surma and some imported candies and delicacies such as tamarind fruit, dried grasshopper and even chili powder from Mexico.