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How Can I Mosquito Proof My Home?
  • Replace or repair doors and screens to prevent mosquito's access into the home.
  • Run the air-conditioning instead of opening doors or windows if possible.
  • Eliminate standing water-this includes: puddles, planting pots, tires, gutters, leaking faucets, drainage systems, buckets, pool covers, etc.
  • Bird baths and pet water dishes should be emptied at least once every 7 days to prevent mosquitoes from completing their life cycle of and developing into adults that bite. The average life cycle of a mosquito is 8-10 days.
  • Clear vegetation from ditches to maintain water flow.
  • Cover standing water such as rain barrels with mesh to eliminate a breeding site or irrigate water every 96 hours.
  • To arrange for an Integrated Pest Managemant (IPM) plan for larger bodies of water: 

                        Contact Colusa Mosquito Abatement District by clicking here.