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Williamson Act and Assembly Bill (AB) 1265
The Board of Supervisors will be considering a process under State legislation (Assembly Bill 1265) that if implemented would lower the tax savings of Williamson Act contract holders by approximately 10 percent.  A discussion to consider whether or not to move forward with the required public hearing process is tentatively planned for the Board's July 30, 2019 meeting.  Should the Board determine to move forward, the public will have an opportunity to comment at a future public hearing on whether or not the Board should implement this process.  Notice of the public hearing would be published and posted by the County for a future date to be determined.  In addition, contract holders would also receive the public hearing notice in the mail.

                      Williamson Act AB 1265 Calculator
                    (click on the above link to download the estimator)

The Purpose Of the AB 1265 Calculator

In order to help inform the public as to the change that the implementation of AB 1265 would have on the current tax savings of Williamson Act contract holders, County staff has put together the Williamson Act AB 1265 Calculator.  The purpose of this calculator is to provide a preliminary estimate on the reduction of tax savings and an estimate of the tax savings that would remain.  While every effort was made to provide accurate estimates, there are many variables involved in the calculation of property taxes and, as such, the results of the AB 1265 are provided as estimates.

Calculator Requirements

The AB 1265 Calculator file download requires that your device has access to an Excel program, or a program that can read Excel spreadsheets and then you must enable editing for the file.  If you do not have such a program or have any problems with the Calculator, you can still obtain the information by sending an email to .  Please include your name, contact information, and the Assessor Parcel Number(s) that you wish to obtain the data on.  Alternatively, you can obtain an estimation of the potential reduction in tax savings by completing this form: Williamson Act AB 1265 Calculator Inquiry Form.

Every effort will be made to respond as quickly as possible.  However, given the anticipated number of inquiries, it may take as long as 24 to 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

Should you have any additional questions, you may contact the Planning Department at (530) 458-0480 or the Assessor's Office at (530) 458-0450.

Thank you!