Airport Land Use Commission

Welcome to the Airport Land Use Commission

The Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) is tasked with the compatibility planning for land uses surrounding the Colusa County Airport. The purpose is to protect the public health, safety, and welfare through compatible development with the airport which minimizes the public’s exposure to noise and safety hazards. This is achieved through the implementation of policies in County’s Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP).

Application Review

County’s Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP)

The ALUCP contains a set of compatibility criteria applicable to development around the airport and serves as a tool for use by the ALUC in fulfilling its duty to review plans, regulations and other actions of Local Agencies and Airport operators for consistency with the ALUCP criteria.  

Local Agencies

Projects are submitted for review by the ALUC by the responsible Local Agencies (either the City of Colusa or County of Colusa).  To confirm whether your project requires ALUC review, you can contact the ALUC staff. To begin the project referral process, please contact your Local Agency who is responsible to file the ALUC referral application.  

Application Fees

ALUC project review applications are required to include a processing deposit to cover the ALUC staff costs of processing the application.  Please refer to the ALUC Review Fee Resolution for details.  A referral application will not be considered complete, and processing cannot begin until the deposit has been paid. The processing deposit is a not to exceed amount and at the end of the application review process, any unspent monies will be returned.  To minimize processing costs, it is important that the referring Local Agency submits a complete ALUC review application when the project is first referred to the ALUC.  Please refer to the ALUC application Submittal Requirements for the typical information that should be submitted. Incomplete applications will require additional ALUC staff time and costs to process the application and can delay bringing the project before the ALUC.

ALUC Meeting Schedule

Each year the ALUC adopts a meeting schedule (ALUC Meeting Schedule).  As shown, the ALUC meets every other month.  The schedule also identifies a “Cut-Off Date” for each meeting.  This date represents the date that ALUC staff is to have a complete ALUC application staff report submitted into the County’s agenda processing software platform.  In order for ALUC staff to submit a complete ALUC application staff report by the “Cut-Off Date”, a complete Local Agency referred application should be submitted typically four weeks before the “Cut-Off Date” for the desired ALUC meeting.  Please note that while ALUC staff will do its best to process an application for the requested meeting date, there is no guarantee that this the application will make this meeting.  In addition, incomplete or complex applications will require additional review time.  As such, it is recommended that the ALUC application referral be submitted at the earliest possible time and that the application is complete.