Recording & Reporting Crime

The Records Unit is responsible for processing all crime reports and citations. Report copies are then routed to required agencies, such as:

Department of Justice Reporting

The Records Unit also maintains required files needed to register with the Department of Justice, such as:

  • 457.1 PC / arson registrants
  • 11590 H&S / drug registrants
  • Fingerprints and photographs on sex offenders (290 PC)
  • Local data and files containing personal information

Registration information on arson and sex offenders is forwarded to the Department of Justice for entry into the automated statewide computer system. Sex offender files are also entered into the Megan's Law file.

Uniform Crime Reporting

Local data on major crimes is compiled and reported to the state monthly. Colusa County crime data is reported on Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) forms. This data is then forwarded to the national UCR program that compiles the information. UCR on a federal level is administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Live Scan fingerprinting is done by appointment only. Please call (530) 458-0234 or (530) 458-0233 to make an appointment. These devices electronically capture fingerprint images, which are then transmitted to the Department of Justice. This process eliminates the use of ink in fingerprinting.

Assisting the Public

One of the most important duties in records is assisting the public at the front counter. The first impression made at the front counter is the lasting impression a citizen will have of the entire department.