Treasurer/Tax Collector


2023/2024 Secured Property Tax Bills were mailed 10.18.23

Please note that the “IF PAID BY” dates on the stub portion are incorrect.

1st Installment should read IF PAID BY 12/10/23 and

2nd Installment should read IF PAID BY 04/10/2024

All other dates, the values and amount due are correct. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

General Information
The office of the Treasurer-Tax Collector operates three divisions which include Treasury, Tax Collection and Public Administration. The department is responsible for investing, safeguarding and disbursing money for the County and related agencies.

Tax Collector
The Tax Collector collects taxes and is governed by California state law. The Tax collector is responsible for the billing and collection of all property taxes. The Tax collector does not determine the amount of taxes that are billed or the billing address. Assessed values, ownership status and mailing addresses are controlled by the Assessor, bond rates and tax distribution are managed by the Auditor, and direct charges are determined by their respective Districts.

The County Treasury is responsible for the receipt, custody and investment of all monies placed in the County Treasury. The Treasury oversees banking operations and the county investment pool. While the Treasurer seeks the highest possible return on all investments, the primary objective of the Treasurer is to ensure the security of investment and maintain sufficient liquidity to meet the financial needs of the County at all times. In addition, the Treasury manages Colusa County Business Licenses.

Public Administrator
The Public Administrator oversees the administration of estates of deceased persons who were residents of Colusa County and have no qualified person willing or able to administer. The powers of the Public Administrator are mandated by the Probate Code of the State of California.

Request for Tax Information
Tax information is provided via email , fax or in person only. Fees may apply.
Requests via email can be sent to the Tax Request Contact Email
Request via fax: (530) 458-0442
Please allow 24 hrs for e-mailed or faxed request.
In person: 547 Market Street, Suite 111

Property Tax Postponement:
Filing period: October 01, 20XX - February 10, 20XX
Limited Funds, Approval on First Come, First Serve Basis
Applications can be picked up in our office or online at the State Controller’s website
For questions please call (800) 952-5661