Notary Information

Filing a Notary Public Oath

Notary public oaths are taken before the county clerk or a notary public. You may take your oath within 30 days from the beginning of the term prescribed in your notary commission. Please be ready to present your:

  • $15,000 bond, issued by a surety company of your choice
  • Appropriate filing and recording fees
  • Commission from the secretary of state

Taking an Oath Before the County Clerk

To take your oath before the county clerk, please present the items mentioned above to the clerk of the county in which you maintain your principal place of business. Notary bond information must match exactly what is on the notary commission. The clerk will:

  1. Administer the oath
  2. Have you sign two oaths
  3. Forward the bond and one oath to the county recorder for recording

The recorded document will be returned to you by mail within three weeks.

Taking an Oath Before a Notary Public

If you choose to take your oath before a notary public and your principal place of business is in Colusa County, the notary will administer the oath and then send the following items to the county clerk's office:

  • All filing and recording fees
  • Two oaths of office
  • Your commission
  • Your notary bond


The notary bond and oath filing fee are $7. Recording fees are $16 for a one-page bond plus $3 for each additional page. All pages must be 8.5 inches by 11 inches, or an additional $3 per page will be required.