California Children’s Services (CCS)

What is California Children's Services?

A state/county program caring for children with Special medical needs. CCS is a program that helps children with certain diseases, physical limitations or chronic health problems.

Can our child get CCS?

If you or your doctor think that your child has a medical problem that CCS covers, CCS can pay for an exam to see if CCS can cover your child's care. If CCS covers your child's problem, CCS pays for, or provides services like:

  • Doctor visits
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgery
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Lab tests and X-rays
  • Orthopedic appliances and medical equipment

What else can CCS do for our child?

CCS can manage your child's medical care. This means CCS can get the special doctors and care your child needs. Sometimes CCS refers you to other agencies, like public health nursing and regional centers so you can get the services your child needs. CCS also had a Medical Therapy Program (MTP). MTP's are in public schools and give physical and occupational therapy to eligible children.

Are there other requirements?

to get CCS, your child must:

  • Be under 21 years old; and
  • Have or "may have" a medical problem that CCS covers; and
  • Be a resident of California; and
  • Have a family income under $40,000 (your adjusted gross income on the state tax form.)

What if my family's income is more than $40,000?

You can still get CCS if:

  • You have Medi-Cal (full scope, no share of cost);
  • You have Healthy Families insurance;
  • Your out-of-pocket medical expenses for your child's care is more than 20% of your family income
  • You only want MTP services
  • You need to see a doctor to if your child is eligible for CCS; or
  • You adopted a your child with a known medical problem that made them eligible for CCS.

What medical problems does CCS cover?

CCS doesn't cover all problems. CCS covers most problems that are physically disabling or that need to be treated with medicines, surgery or rehabilitation. There are other factors, too.

CCS covers children with problems like:

  • Congenital heart disease
  • cancers, tumors
  • hemophilia, sickle cell anemia
  • thyroid problems, diabetes
  • serious chronic kidney problems
  • liver or intestine diseases
  • cleft lip/palate, spina bifida
  • hearing loss, cataracts
  • cerebral palsy, uncontrolled seizures
  • rheumetoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy
  • AIDS
  • severe head, brain or spinal cord injuries, severe burns
  • problems cause by premature birth
  • severely crooked teeth
  • broken bones

Can we use any doctor or provider we want?

No. CCS must approve the provider, services and appointment first.

How do we apply?

Fill out a CCS application and return it to your county CCS office. You can get an application from your county CCS office by clicking here or visit state CCS website here.

What if I need more information about CCS?

For more information, or help filling out your application, contact your Colusa County CCS office at: Colusa County Department of Health and Human Services
Public Health Division
California Children's Services
251 E. Webster St.
Colusa, CA 95932
530-458-0380 or
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