Animal Bites

Reporting Animal Bites

California State law requires that all animal bites are reported to health care personnel or public animal shelters. Animal bites and scratches, even when they are minor, can become infected and spread bacteria to other parts of the body. Whether the bite is from a family pet or an animal in the wild, scratches and bites can carry disease. Bites that break the skin are even more likely to become infected.

Certain animals can also transmit rabies and tetanus to other animals and humans. Contact a physician or health care provider should you have any questions or concerns about an animal bite.

Avoiding Animal Bites & Preventing Rabies

These general guidelines will help you stay safe around animals and reduce the risk of animal bites:

  • Avoid strange and sick animals.
  • Be aware that domestic animals can also carry rabies.
  • Call Colusa County Animal Control at (530) 458-0229 to remove any stray animals.
  • Do not approach or play with wild animals of any kind.
  • Do not try to separate fighting animals.
  • Immunize all domestic dogs and cats against the rabies virus.
  • Keep pet immunizations current.
  • Keep pets on a leash when you are out in public.
  • Leave animals alone when they are eating.
  • Never leave a young child alone with a pet.
  • Never touch a bat.
  • Report animals acting strangely and any altercations between wild and domestic animals.
  • Report bats found in residences where people are sleeping.
  • Select family pets carefully.
  • Supervise pets to ensure they do not come into contact with wild animals.
  • Supervise young children when they are around pets.