The Animal Shelter has dogs and cats, primarily. The animals are up for adoption to good homes after the appropriate holding period. Only animals found to be suitable for adoption can be adopted. Animals that are sick or that have a previous history of biting or attacking other animals or people will not be made available for adoption. Persons interested in adopting animals from the Colusa County Animal Shelter should come to the shelter daily between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. Available pets can also be seen online at Petfinder.


The Colusa County adoption fee is $10. If you are adopting an unaltered dog, you must leave a $50 spay / neuter deposit. If you are adopting an unaltered cat, you must leave a $40 spay / neuter deposit. If you live in Colusa County and are adopting a dog that is over four months old, you will be required to obtain a dog license at the time of adoption.

Adoption Process

During the adoption process, you will be required to complete a Pet Adoption Agreement and a Sterilization Contract if the animal is not spayed or neutered. Several questions are asked in order to determine if the animal you have selected is an appropriate one for your household, as it is our utmost priority to find the best match for the people and animals involved in an adoption. Please keep in mind that if you are renting your residence, you must provide proof that your landlord will allow you to keep pets.

If the animal you have selected has not been spayed or neutered, you will be responsible for having the animal altered within 30 days. Once the animal is altered, we will return your deposit. It is California State law that all adopted shelter animals be spayed or neutered. The adoption is not final until proof has been provided that the animal has been properly spayed or neutered and licensed.

For More Information

For local animal services and businesses, please check out the Colusa Animal Information Network.