Service Time

Processing Time

The sheriff strives to process all service requests as expediently as possible, given available limited resources. Although some service requests receive priority, such as restraining orders, most will be processed in the order in which they are received. Please be patient and try to understand that there may be numerous service requests that are ahead of yours. Please provide 3 to 4 business days before calling us to check on the status of your service request.

Due Diligence

Typically, the sheriff will use due diligence in completing service requests. Due diligence is usually accomplished by attempting service on two or three different dates and times, unless the circumstances would make further service attempts impractical. If service cannot be made after due diligence is accomplished, the person requesting service will be notified in writing of the non-service or not found status.

If service is made, a proof of service will be generated. Depending on the request in the letter of instruction, the original proof of service will be mailed to the attorney / plaintiff / creditor or directly to the court. If the letter of instruction does not indicate where to send the proof of service, it will automatically be sent to the attorney / plaintiff / creditor by default (except restraining orders or bench warrants, which are sent directly to court).

Minimum Service Time Requirements

Many service requests have minimum service time requirements. Please be familiar with these requirements for your specific request. You must provide the sheriff with sufficient time, taking into account:

  • A reasonable amount of time for the sheriff to carry out service attempts using due diligence
  • A reasonable amount of time for the sheriff to process your request
  • The associated minimum service time requirements