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Colusa County Agricultural Biologists have created and compiled agricultural maps and annual crop reports to better assist the county’s agricultural industry. These maps and reports can be viewed, downloaded and printed for your convenience.

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California Agriculture

For detailed California Agricutural Production Statistics, explore the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).


California agriculture saw a decrease in the sales value of its products in 2008, but it still received its second highest value on record. The state’s 81,500 farms and ranches received $36.2 billion for their output in 2008, down from last year’s record high of $36.4 billion.

California remained the nations’ leading dairy state, despite ending the year with prices recorded below the cost of production. Dairy producers received $6.92 billion for their milk production during the year, down from $7.34 billion in 2007. The state’s dairy farms increased production by only 1.3 percent, lower than the five year average of 3.1 percent. The Golden State continued to produce 22 percent of the milk in the U.S., and ranked number 1 in the production of fluid milk, butter, ice cream and nonfat dry milk.

California remained the number 1 state in cash farm receipts in 2008, with its $36.2 billion in revenue, representing 11.2 percent of the U.S. total. The state accounted for 14 percent of national receipts for crops and 7.5 percent of the U.S. revenue for livestock and livestock products.

California’s agricultural abundance includes more than 400 commodities. The state produces nearly half of U.S.-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables. Across the nation, U.S. consumers regularly purchase several crops produced solely in California.