Public Authority

What is Public Authority?

Public Authority is a public agency whose purpose is to improve In-Home Supportive Services to Colusa County. The Public Authority is mandated by state law to work in conjunction with Colusa County's In-Home Supportive Services program (IHSS).

The Colusa County Board of Supervisors established the In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority as part of a continuum to help the elderly, disabled adults, and disabled children (the recipient) to remain in their own homes with the support of the in-home care from providers.

The Role of Public Authority

  • Recruit independent providers for the Registry
  • Match recipient and providers
  • Check the IHSS providers' background and qualifications
  • Provide training to Providers to increase their skills


Effective 11/1/2009, the Colusa County IHSS Public Authority took responsibility for the new provider enrollment activities mandated by changes in state law. The new responsibilities are as follows:

  • Complete a provider enrollment for (SOC 426)
  • Attend a mandatory orientation
  • Complete the provider enrollment agreement (SOC 846) stating that you understand and agree to the IHSS program rules and requirements.
  • Present in person, an original unexpired government issued photo ID and Social Security Card.
  • Pass a Department of Justice live scan background check.
  • Ensure that your consumer completes and signs receipt form (Soc 426A).
  • Note all these steps are to be completed through the Colusa County IHSS Public Authority
  • Important note The Department of Justice has issued an advisory that it may take as long as one month to process your background check. Do not delay your enrollment activities