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Be Prepared for Drought-related Well Outages

It is important to prepare for potential drought-related well problems so you are not caught off-guard. Shallow wells (less than 100 feet) are most at risk especially during the middle of summer (June-August) when groundwater levels are at their lowest. Click on the link below to download our Drought Preparedness Flyer which describes some actions you should take now, and provides local resources for assistance. Click this link to download the 2021 Drought Preparedness Flyer

Report Well Problems: In an effort to assess drought impacts and general groundwater conditions, the Colusa County Water Resources Division (Community Development Department) is compiling information on well problems county-wide. This information will help in our ongoing efforts to gain a better understanding of the local groundwater system. We are gathering information on all well types (domestic, irrigation, other) and all well issues, whether drought-related or mechanical. If you are experiencing issues with your well (ag, domestic or other), please fill out the online Well Reporting Form here by clicking this link: Colusa County Well Outage online Report Form

You can also fill out and email the form by this link: Colusa County Well Outage Report Form Microsoft Word version 

June 7, 2021 Press Release: Colusa County Urges Preparedness and Reporting in Early Stages of Drought

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