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Be Prepared for Drought-related Well Outages

It is important to prepare for potential drought-related well problems so you are not caught off-guard. Shallow wells (less than 200 feet) are most at risk especially during the middle of summer (June-August) when groundwater levels are at their lowest. Click on the link below to download our Drought Preparedness Flyer which describes some actions you should take now, and provides local resources for assistance. Click this link to download the 2021 Drought Preparedness Flyer


The Colusa County Board of Supervisors have adopted an emergency domestic water supply program were residents that have experienced a well failure due to the current drought can temporarily receive potable water at no cost.  This program is administered by Colusa County’s Office of Emergency Services (530) 458-0200.  In order to be eligible for this emergency water supply plan, a resident must comply with the Colusa County Emergency Drinking Water Plan (Download Plan Here) and submit to the County’s Office of Emergency Services the Domestic Dry Well Inspection Report (Download Blank Report Here) completed by a licensed well driller or plumbing contractor.    Once approved by the Office of Emergency Services, the property owner will also have to complete an Emergency Water Tank and Supply Agreement (Download Agreement Here) and the Cautionary Water Notice (Download Notice Here).

Once OES has approved participation in the program and the signed Agreement and Notice have been submitted to OES, OES will notify the Department of Public Works for scheduling the delivery of the water tank and pump. The property owner will be responsible for connecting the pump to the existing domestic water system.  For further information, please contact the Colusa County Office of Emergency Services at (530) 458-0200.

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