District Information

Colusa County Air Pollution Control District

100 Sunrise, Blvd., Suite F

Colusa, Ca 95932

Office: 530-458-0590

Fax: 530-458-3789

Board of Directors

Jose Merced Corona Supervisor of District I
Daurice Kalfsbeek-Smith Supervisor of District II
Kent Boes Supervisor of District III
Gary Evans Supervisor of District IV
Denise Carter Supervisor of District V


Staff Members

M. Anastacia Allen - Director of Air Quality Standards
Donald Kitamura - Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer
Casey Ryan - Air Pollution Standards Officer III
John Karnegis - Air Pollution Standards Officer I
Leeann Price - Fiscal Administrative Officer
Lindsey Garrison - Office Assistant

Hearing Board Members

Ed Hulbert – Manager (CIP)
Chris Torres – Grower
Ralph Keeley – Grower
Adam Shiflett – Grower
Randy Johnson – Grower