Code Compliance

Where and how do I submit a complaint?

Complaints need to be submitted through the Online Portal.

If you are unable to submit through the online portal, you can phone in a complaint to the Code Compliance Officer, at 530-458-0885. However, it is preferred that complaints are submitted through the portal to ensure that the information received is being reported in your own words.

Can I submit a complaint anonymously?

PRIVACY POLICY: Pursuant to Government Code Section 6254(f) Records of Complaint are not public record until the complaint has been finaled. It is the Department’s policy to protect the identity of all complainants to the full extent allowed by law. Complaints may be filed anonymously.

All complainants’ identities are kept confidential and will not be disclosed to an outside party, except by court order. Therefore, it is requested that complainant’s include their name and contact information to assist code enforcement staff during the investigative process. Without this information, staff is unable to contact the complainant for additional information, should it be needed, and/or potentially gain access to private property where the alleged violation can be observed.

What happens if someone files a complaint about me or my property?

County staff will conduct an investigation to determine whether a violation of County Code exists. Depending upon the nature of the case, this may entail a visit to the property where the alleged violation exists. Unless it is a matter of immediate health and safety concern, County staff will seek to obtain permission to enter the property from the owner or other occupant of the property before doing so. Following the preliminary investigation, the property owner and/or tenant will be contacted and a letter will be sent explaining the problem and how to correct the situation.

The County will make every reasonable effort to work with the violator as long as progress toward abating the violation is occurring. If efforts at resolution are ignored or delayed, a citation may have to be issued if no progress is being made to resolve the matter. Unfortunately, continued violation of the County Code may result in Court or nuisance abatement action. If County staff is forced to initiate these steps due to lack of effort to resolve the situation, the County will also pursue the recovery of enforcement costs. However, County staff’s preference is to work the violator to obtain voluntary compliance.