The Library welcomes donations materials that are appropriate for Library uses. All materials offered as donations to the Library will be evaluated by the Library Staff to ensure the acceptability of such materials to meet the Library's purposes. All donated items become the property of Colusa County Library. The library has the right to discard any gifts in poor physical condition (e.g., brittle paper, water or mildew damage, torn and/or missing pages).

The Library Staff will determine which donated materials are appropriate for addition to the Library's collection. All donated materials that are not added to the Library's collection will be given to the Friends and will be sold by the Friends; the proceeds from such sale shall then be provided to the Library.

Donations of materials to the Library may not be subject to conditions or stipulations by the donor. Receipts are given if the donor asks for one. Donors are responsible for recording donations and estimating the value of the materials.


Book and materials donations must meet certain criteria:

  • Materials must be in very good condition
  • For books, we prefer popular fiction and nonfiction in hardcover, mass market and trade paperbacks
  • Any other material, including magazines, computer books, textbooks, encyclopedias and damaged material will not be accepted by staff.