Internet and Computer Use Policy

The Colusa County Free Library provides public access to the Internet as part of its mission to deliver services and materials to meet the information needs of its patrons. Access may be revoked or suspended by the Library and its Staff at any time in their sole discretion.

Computer Sign-in and Usage

  • The Library's public computers are available on a first come first serve basis. The Library uses a manual reservation system to ensure that this process works in an equitable manner. All Library patrons must "sign in" at the service desk to reserve a computer. Patrons do not need to "sign out."
  • Computer use does not require a Colusa County Library card.
  • Patrons sign-up for 30-minute blocks of computer use time. After completing the first 30-minute reservation, a patron may continue to use their workstation for an additional 30 minutes if there is no one else registered and waiting to use the computers.

The Library's computer workstations are in public areas. Since others may be involuntarily exposed to what is viewed, the Library asks that each user exercise good judgment and consideration of others. Please bear in mind that some materials, such as sexually graphic materials, may well be more appropriate for viewing in the privacy of your home, rather than in a public library setting.

If Library Staff becomes aware of subject matter that would interfere with the maintenance of a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment for the other patrons, the offending Internet user will be asked to end a search or change a screen.

The Library wishes to make the Internet and all computer resources available to anyone who respects the rights and property of others, and who abides by the Library's rules and procedures. Failure to appropriately consider the rights of others may lead to the loss of computer privileges for a finite period.

The Colusa County Free Library offers filtered access to the Internet by default. Unfiltered access is available on a per session basis. Juvenile patrons under 17 years of age are required to obtain parental consent for unfiltered access on a per session basis.

Computer use is at the discretion of Library Staff. Staff is available to facilitate use of the Internet and to answer questions or concerns. At times of heavy computer use by the public, recreational computer use will be suspended to allow students to complete homework assignments.

The Library provides access to the Internet for the purpose of researching electronic information resources. Users may us the computer workstations to browse, print, or transfer files to personal storage devices.

The Library does not provide e-mail accounts. However, patrons may access free, Web-based e-mail accounts through library Internet stations.

Colusa County Free Library disclaims any warranty as to the quality or accuracy of electronic information via the Internet. The Colusa County Free Library shall have no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages related to the information contained therein.

The computer work stations and Internet are public and open to any and all patrons at the library; therefore, the Colusa County Free Library does not guarantee privacy nor should anyone using Library computers or accessing Library Wi-Fi have any expectation of privacy or confidentiality. Use of Library computers and its Wi-Fi network is subject to monitoring by the Library and its Staff in their sole discretion.

The Library's computer stations or Internet may not be used for any unlawful purpose. Users must respect all copyright laws and licensing agreements pertaining to software files and other resources obtained via the Internet.

Patrons may not attempt to alter or damage computer hardware or software. Software must not be installed or run from any drive. The Library does not allow the use of personal software.

Library equipment may not be unplugged, moved, removed, or otherwise modified. Users may not attempt to reconfigure systems or software or in any way interfere with the system set-up.

Users may not use the network to make unauthorized entry or hack into other computational, informational, or communication services or resources. Users may not invade the privacy of others or engage in any activity that is harassing, defamatory or threatening; or receive or display text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene as defined by law.

Illegal activities will be subject to prosecution by the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

All Library users are expected to use library resources, including the Internet, in a responsible and courteous manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which the resources are provided.

All Library users must abide by the Library's Rules of Conduct and Internet rules and procedures. Please read those rules and familiarize yourself with their requirements.

Violations may result in the loss of Internet use and/or library privileges.