Indigent Cremation


Colusa County is authorized under the California Health and Safety Code, §7100 and §7300, and the Welfare and Institutions Code §17009, to provide for the cremation of indigent persons in Colusa County or assistance to the decedent's next-of-kin in covering the costs of cremation when next-of-kin are unable to provide for such.

Cremation services may be provided to eligible Colusa County residents who are indigent or to non-resident indigent persons who died in Colusa County. The county may also assist next-of-kin in covering the cost of cremation up to the limits set forth by the Department of Health and Human Services, if next-of-kin lack the income or resources to cover the cost of interment. Any assistance provided is conditional based on the decedent's or next-of-kin's eligibility to such assistance using the eligibility criteria. Eligibility to assistance is determined by an evaluation of the income and resources of the decedent or their next-of-kin.