Juvenile Justices Services

Juvenile Arrests and Bookings

When someone under the age of eighteen is arrested in Colusa County, they are transported to and booked at the Colusa County Probation Department. After the initial booking process, the juvenile may be subsequently transported to the Tri-County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility, located at 1023 14th St, Marysville, CA 95901 or, if appropriate, they may be released to a parent or guardian. If a juvenile is being transported to Tri-County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility, a parent or guardian will be notified by the Probation Department.  A Colusa County Juvenile Probation Officer can be contacted at (530) 458-0699 or (530) 458-0665.

FAQ - Parent/Guardian Info

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Intake Interview and Family Finding 

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"California's juvenile justice system has a level of complexity that can be difficult to grasp and difficult to communicate to those who are unfamiliar with the system. There a multiple key stakeholders within the system beyond Probation. This includes not only the Court, but also: frontline law enforcement, the District Attorney, and defense counsel. As such, this process map provides a high-level over view of the entirety of the juvenile justice system and highlights key decision points along with which juvenile justice partner holds that decision making ability. Additionally, this map documents the multiple opportunities for youth to exit the juvenile justice system in a positive fashion. (Hake and O'Connell, CPOC, November 4, 2021)"

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OMBUDS Information and The California Office of Youth and Community Restoration 

Concerns regarding juvenile facilities can be directed to an OMBUDS Person at the California Office of Youth and Community Restoration. Click the links below to find out how to get into contact. 

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