What To Do If You Are Sick

Mild Symptoms:

People with mild symptoms, who are not sick enough to be hospitalized, should self-isolate at home. These people should:

  • Avoid close contact with others; AND,

  • Stay home for at least ten* days from the start of symptoms; AND,

    • *Per CDC, “this update was made based on evidence suggesting a longer duration of cultural viral shedding and will be revised as additional evidence becomes available.”

  • Stay home at least 72 hours after fever is gone; AND,

  • Stay home until respiratory symptoms have improved (coughing/sneezing).

People with severe symptoms of respiratory illness should call their healthcare provider immediately. Call ahead so that you can be safely evaluated to prevent exposing others. Your healthcare provider will evaluate you and determine the best course of action for your illness, including whether or not you should be tested.

Testing in Colusa County

Colusa County Public Health has received 500 test kits from the State to be distributed to health care providers in the community:

  • 150 have been designated to Valley West Care facility, to be used if necessary to test patients and health workers
  • 50 will be distributed to Colusa Indian Health. They will test individuals that are not currently patients but request individuals call ahead
  • 50 will be distributed to each of the Colusa Medical Center Health clinics, Arbuckle, Williams and Colusa, we are still trying to determine what their parameters will be with respect to who they are willing to test (total of 150).
  • 50 will be distributed to Colusa Medical Center
  • 100 will be retained by Public Health, for jail health (they don’t have the space to store them) and for distribution accordingly.

Ampla Health has capacity for testing (located in Arbuckle and Colusa) and will test those that are not part of their patient care population. Individuals are required to make an appointment, and their clinicians would appreciate a call from the individual’s primary care provider but it is not a requirement. Asymptomatic individuals may also be tested if they feel they are at risk.