Communicable Disease: Reporting - Lab

Title 17, California Code of Regulations (CCR) §2500, §2593, §2641.5- 2643.20,
and §2800-2812 Reportable Diseases and Conditions

Health care providers are responsible for reporting a case or suspect case of a disease or condition to the local health department where the patient resides. For more information and a list of Reportable Diseases and Conditions, refer to:

Title 17 Reportable Diseases and Conditions

Report diseases and conditions using the appropriate Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR) form, or submit electronically through the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE) Provider Portal.

Colusa County Animal Bite/Exposure Report For Use By Healthcare Facilities

 Healthcare Facilities should report animal bites/exposures by faxing a completed Animal Bite/Exposure Report to Colusa County Animal Control.

 Animal Bite/Exposure Report (PDF)

Colusa County Animal Control

Phone#: 530-458-0229

Fax#:  530-458-4697

Electronic Reporting using the CalREDIE Provider Portal

Health care providers can report diseases electronically through the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE) system’s Provider Portal. CalREDIE is a secure system implemented by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) for electronic disease reporting and surveillance.

The Provider Portal provides secure access for health care providers to electronically submit Confidential Morbidity Reports (CMRs) directly to local health departments. The Provider Portal replaces the process of completing CMRs by hand and mailing or faxing the CMRs to local health departments. To request a Provider Portal User Account, click on the link below.

CalREDIE Account Request Portal - Provider Portal User Account Authorization Form

If you have questions or need assistance registering for a CalREDIE Provider Portal account, contact the Colusa County Public Health Communicable Disease Nurse at 530-458-0380.

If mailing or faxing, submit Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR) forms to:

Communicable Disease Program
Colusa County Public Health
251 E. Webster St.
Colusa, CA 95932
Phone: 530-458-0380
Confidential Fax: 530-458-4136

Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR) Forms

CDPH 110 D Form   Use this form for reporting COVID-19.

CDPH 110 A Form   Use this form for reporting all conditions except COVID-19, Tuberculosis and conditions reportable to DMV. (Initial report required from provider for any reportable disease).

CDPH 110 B Form   Use this form to report Tuberculosis.

CDPH 110 C Form   Use this form for reporting lapses of consciousness, Alzheimer’s disease, or other conditions which may impair the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.

HIV/AIDS Reporting

Please use the Colusa HIV_AIDS Confidential Report form found here: 

Colusa County HIV/AIDS Confidential Report

Public Health Lab

The public health reference lab for Colusa County is the Sacramento Public Health Laboratory.