Changes in Ownership

Preliminary Change in Ownership Statement

When a transfer in ownership occurs, an appraisal is made to determine the new market value of the property, if required. The assessor and recorder are required to make Preliminary Change in Ownership Statement forms available to the public without charge. This statement must accompany any document presented to the recorder evidencing a change in ownership, or a $20 recording fee will be charged.

The assessor's office is required to mail out a Change of Ownership Statement if the preliminary statement is not filed. The preliminary statement is used for the property appraisal and is not open for public inspection.


Reappraisal for property tax purposes is not necessary if the transfer of property is between:

  • Husband and wife
  • Parents and children or grandparents and grandchildren if:
    • An application is filed with the assessor's office
    • The necessary requirements are met within three years of the transfer date or before the property has sold to a third party
    • The property is the principle place of residence

Up to $1 million of any other real property can also be transferred between parents and children or between grandparents and grandchildren without reappraisal.