Remote Accessible Vote By Mail system (RAVBM)

A printer is required to use the Remote Accessible Vote By Mail system (RAVBM)

The RAVBM system allow voters to privately and independently receive, mark, print and return their ballot to their local elections office. With this system you can download, mark, and print your ballot at home through a secure online portal. Use your own computer and or assistive technology to read and mark the ballot in English or Spanish. RAVBM is not “internet” or “online” voting. You must print and return your marked ballot.

How to mark and print your vote by mail ballot from home with RAVBM:

Request your RAVBM link & pin by calling 1-877-458-0501 or email

Access and mark your ballot

Use the link and PIN to access download your ballot. Mark the ballot on your computer, with your own assistive technology (if needed).

Review and print your ballot

Check your ballot and make corrections. Print your ballot. Put your RAVBM ballot in the envelope you received in the mail. Sign the voter’s declaration. Seal the envelope.

Return your ballot

  • By mail using the postage paid envelope provided with your vote by mail ballot.
  • Drive thru drop off in your town. Dates, times, locations included with your vote by mail ballot.
  • Outside drop box located at 546 Jay Street, Colusa (County Elections Office).
  • At any voting location on Election Day or at the County Elections Office.