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COVID-19 in Colusa County

As of 4/8/2020

Confirmed Cases: 3

Information will be updated as conditions change. We will only be reporting confirmed cases. 

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3/19/2020 Governor Gavin Newsom’s Shelter in Place Executive Order

3/19/2020 Colusa County Shelter in Place Directive

3/19/2020 Colusa County Shelter in Place Press Release

3/19/2020 Joint Message Regarding COVID-19 in Colusa County

3/27/2020 PR #1 CC COVID-19 first positive case. Read Spanish version here.

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FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: Please refer to the below guidance from our Colusa County Health Officer, Dr. Gregory Burt, as we try to maintain testing supplies due to the nationwide shortage.

1. Asymptomatic patients require no testing.

2. Asymptomatic patients who had "contact" with a patient with COVID-19 require no testing.

3. Symptomatic patients with risk factors may be offered testing as determined by the treating provider. These tests will go to a commercial laboratory.

Please refer to the CDC website: Criteria to Guide Evaluation and Laboratory Testing for COVID-19

CDC criteria include considering epidemiologic factors such as documented COVID-19 infections in a community and known community transmission. Clinicians are strongly encouraged to test for other causes of respiratory illness (e.g., influenza).

Currently only the following patients are being tested through Colusa County Public Health and the Sacramento Public Health Lab:

1. Heath Care Workers, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), or other first responders who are symptomatic with fever and respiratory symptoms unexplained by other testing, e.g. negative influenza test

2. Patients requiring hospitalization with respiratory symptoms unexplained by other testing

3. Congregate living environments (SNF, JAIL, ETC)


Mild Symptoms:

People with mild symptoms, who are not sick enough to be hospitalized, should self-isolate at home. These people should:

  • Avoid close contact with others
  • Stay home for at least seven days from the start of symptoms, AND
  • Stay home at least 72 hours after fever is gone, AND
  • Stay home until respiratory symptoms have improved (couging/sneezing)

Severe Symptoms:

People with severe symptoms of respiratory illness should call their healthcare provider immediately. Call ahead so that you can be safely evaluated to prevent exposing others. Your healthcare provider will evaluate you and determine the best course of action for your illness, including whether or not you should be tested.


Since the start of this outbreak, we have taken a proactive approach to prepare for and carefully monitor potential cases of COVID-19 in Colusa County. Actions we have taken include:

  • Maintaining regular contact and following the guidance from the CDC and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH);
  • Conducting planning meetings with our programs and community partners to allow for enhanced response coordination;
  • Working to ensure that our health care systems, first responders and schools have the guidance they need through phone consultations, and meetings;
  • Maintaining communication and outreach with federal, state and local partners, including the County Office of Emergency Services, local government officials, and other Regional entities;
  • Providing symptom monitoring for residents returning from travel who are considered low to moderate risk;
  • Distributing information and updates to health care professionals and educational settings;
  • Ensuring providers have access to public health staff for consultation to quickly identify symptomatic patients and that they have the ability to test those patients if warranted; and,
  • Reviewing and adapting the County’s current pandemic plans for COVID-19.

COVID-19 flyer

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COVID-19 Continuity of Operation Plan