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General Auction Procedures
General Auction Procedures
  • We will accept only cash, money order, cashier’s check, certified check from your financial institution for the pre-sale registration fee and minimum bid. Thereafter, the balance may be paid by personal check. If you pay by personal check and it does not clear the bank, you will forfeit the minimum bid and legal action may be taken to recover the remaining bid amount.
    Bank statements showing the available funds, letters of credit, loan approval letters, and/or account balance certificates from the bank are NOT accepted as proof of certified funds.
  • After each parcel is sold, the buyer will give his or her name, address and how he or she wishes the deed issued and make payment to the cashiers. (Deeds will be recorded and mailed within the next four to six weeks to the successful bidders.)
  • All properties selling for over $100 will have documentary tax transfer tax added to the selling price (.55 per $500). This will be computed when the buy makes payment.
  • For those wishing to bid on more than one parcel, it is essential that they come forward after each sale and pay the total purchase price in that particular parcel.
  • Refunds will be made on County checks in cases where the amount paid is in excess of the purchase price. Issuance may take up to six weeks.
  • This will be an oral auction, No written bids will be accepted.
  • Bids will be raised in increments of $100 (or more) by the auctioneer. No bids from the floor will be accepted.
  • Once you are awarded the final bid, the property is yours, and you should have researched it before coming in to bid.
  • The title companies may not insure deeds for one year. Quiet Title action may be needed. The deeds issued exonerate the property from all taxes owing, all liens except those of the Federal Government, easements and special assessments (1915 Act).